Within the project “Knowledge Transfer at the LA21 summit” the Research and Design Lab was entrusted with the conception and realisation of the communication strategy. A substantiated evaluation of existing communication measures of the Local Agenda 21 in Austria highlights the developed communication design for the 7th Austrian Agenda 21 Summit as a role model. The basic components of the communication concept were evaluated, and the strategic superstructure, the slogans and the derived design concept were observed analytically. The communication design of the 7th Austrian Agenda 21 summit follows the guiding theme “Shaping Living Spaces together”. The precise synthesis of content and design leads to a cross media repertoire of focused and functioning communication measure. Colors, graphics, typography and wording complement each other to form a coherent system.

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Project duration: 2011 – 2012
Project leader:
Orhan Kipcak
Project team: Anika Kronberger, Albert Bieder, Patrick Greimel, Christian Lang, Susanne Pretterebner, Antonia Pokorn, Thomas Raggam, Annika Strassmair, Erwin Wagner, Ursula Wiesenhofer, Viktoria Zierer

In cooperation with Landentwicklung Steiermark and supported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the European Commission.