Basic idea of the project was by using a real-time eye-tracking system, merging the eye tracking methods with the dynamic background library to develop methods of how to individually impart knowledge to each single learner. With eye-tracking system could get information on eye movements, that would imply if the user is intensive reading or just scanning the information. Based on tests and resulted algorithm system could conclude on cognitive activity and task difficulty. Furthermore other information about students attention was collected e.g. which component students devote most attention, which are especially suited for the presentation thus would indicate appropriate sequencing of the learning material or eventually indicate need for restructuring the course content.

Applications and examples: Usability and advertising studies, psychology and vision research; eye-tracking data enable the evaluation of design and its effect on human perception, and based on gathered results an adaptation of information for the individual customer, learner or business partner is possible.

FH+ Projekt: Information-design FHJ (project coordinator), IICM TU Graz (project partner)

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