AVATAR – Added Value of teAching in a virTuAl woRld
is a two year project (December 2009 – November 2011) co-financed by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Sub-Programme Comenius.

AVATAR is inspired by the lack of ICT use in schools throughout Europe despite the possible educational benefits and social learning opportunities they promote. The project’s primary aim is to enhance the quality of teaching and education in secondary schools through an innovative virtual world learning earning and co-creation that can help teachers and students take a step closer towards the modernization and future of education.
AVATAR provides an opportunity for both teachers and students to benefit from ICT skill development, social learning opportunities and a resource to help revive the traditional classroom environment, adding value to the learning process. V-learning promotes learning-by-doing that stimulates different learning styles and increases the level of student engagement in different subject matters through technology, integrating textbook, discussion groups and labs.

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Project duration: 1.12.2009 – 30.11.2011

Project co-ordinator:  FOR.COM
Project partner:
FH JOANNEUM GmbH, Informationdesign
For.Com. Formazione per la Comunicazione Interuniversity Consortium Italy
Burgas Free University Bulgaria
University of Southern Denmark
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Spain
SOPH.ia In Action Consulting Italy

Contact:FH Prof. DI Dr. Maja Pivec