IC-IC: Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity – Enhancing interconnectivity of short and long distance transport networks through passenger focused interlinked information-connectivity

The consortium of IC-IC sets out to develop an ICS (InfoConnectivity System), involving the airports of Amsterdam (Schipol), Frankfurt, Paris and Wien/Vienna, their related ground transport providers plus one airline each, representing departing/arriving long-distance transport (“Key Stakeholders”). Many more stakeholders will get involved via a Stakeholders Forum and Conference.

The ICS will provide currently missing information which travelers already wish to have about facilities and services for their next immediate destination and/or next transport provider(s). Such e.g. may concern wayshowing, lost & found, health care (medicine and vaccination), security, immigration and customs requirements, check-in, connecting ground transport & ticketing on arrival.

Much of such information can be provided in waiting situations. e.g. in the airport train/bus, the airport lounge, the airplane before arrival, utilizing the capabilities of the ever more popular and versatile camera mobile phones which can automatically capture or connect to information provided via QR (Quick Response) codes, NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, or other ICT supported means.

To provide ICS information to the considered multi-language target group of travellers, Systran automatic language translation software will be employed. Thus the model ICS applications will provide all information in 13 languages (Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish) with English as the reference language.

Requirements of the ageing population are particularly considered by utilizing the “Age Explorer”, a suit that lets test persons experience all the obstacles old persons encounter when moving around, filling out forms, operating “Self Check-in” or a ticket machine.

Interviews of about 1000 persons in three countries will be done, information from “Key Stakeholders” will be collected and model ICS applications will be developed and exemplarily implemented at facilities of the “Key Stakeholders”.

The effectiveness of the suggested infoconnectivity improvements will be assessed with regard to gained speed and ease of passenger transfer between short- and long-distance transport networks.

Based on this, an ICS handbook will be elaborated. Its final version will be supported by considered comments and suggestions of a Stakeholders Conference.

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Project duration: 2011-2014
Project co-ordinator: IIID – International Institute for Information Design (Austria)
Project partner:
FH Joannneum Graz (Austria)
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Hochschule der Medien (Germany)
Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (France)
Attoma (France)
Star Cooperation (Germany)
IN2 search interfaces development Ltd (England)

Contact: DI Jochen MARTIN