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Ismar 2014


Together with hundreds of computer nerds, Wolfgang Höhl, Thomas Kienzl and Andreas Behmel attended the ISMAR 2014 conference, a rather famous AR- (Augmented Reality) and MR- (Mixed Reality) conference held in Munich from 10th-12th September on the topic „augmented everything, everywhere for everyone“.

They presented a demo called „MRI Design Review System – A Mixed Reality Interactive Design Review System for Architecture, Serious Games and Engineering using Unity3D, a Tablet Computer and Natural Interfaces“. The demo was done in Cinema4D, Unity3D and edddison. The 3D model is a project by Mies van der Rohe called „Hofhaus“, which has however never been realized. The project was then carried out by Andreas Behmel and Wolfgang Höhl from FH JOANNEUM using Thomas Kienzl’s edddison system.

The aim was to make the creation and presentation of interactive 3D applications as simple as preparing a powerpoint presentation. Without any programming skills you can now easily manipulate 3D models with standard software applications. You can control, change or adapt your design easily and interact with 3D models by natural interfaces and standard handheld devices and it is possible to navigate in 3D space using only your tablet computer.

Andreas Behmel works in the Research & Design Lab at the FH JOANNEUM | University of Applied Sciences, Graz. As a member of the specialized “SimTeam” of this Research Lab he develops realtime 3D training systems for professional training, with a strong focus on haptic interfaces.

Wolfgang Höhl is an assistant professor at FH JOANNEUM | University of Applied Sciences, A-8020 Graz and at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. He is a senior researcher in the field of 3D simulation and visualization for science and engineering. Discover his blog:

About edddison technologies
Based in Graz / Austria, edddison provides cutting-edge 3D Technologies for making 3D data interactive. Similar to the way in which CMS has revolutionized the creation of websites, the edddison will simplify the creation and usage of 3D applications.