Applied Games and Gamification – Drivers for Change – Call for papers

Within the proposed mini track we will explore different approaches and various models that spark the creative potential of people, bringing together interdisciplinary teams to collaborate, design, and produce applied games and gamified apps. We will discuss what the basic requirements and success factors are, and how applied games and gamified approaches can be used […]

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Workshop: JamToday: Digital Games & their use in tuition

Workshop: JamToday: Digital Games & their use in tuition Wednesday 4th of February 2015 from 1 – 2.30 p.m. At `Wahrnehmungslabor`(321), Alte Poststraße 147, 8020 Graz JamToday: Digital Games & their use in tuition What is the use of digital games in tuition? How can they be reasonably applied to achieve the ideal educational objective […]

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Ismar 2014

Together with hundreds of computer nerds, Wolfgang Höhl, Thomas Kienzl and Andreas Behmel attended the ISMAR 2014 conference, a rather famous AR- (Augmented Reality) and MR- (Mixed Reality) conference held in Munich from 10th-12th September on the topic „augmented everything, everywhere for everyone“. They presented a demo called „MRI Design Review System – A Mixed […]

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Game development for Green Games

Game development of the Hotel Management Game is full in progress. The game mechanic is standing, the team is working on the user experience. At the present the game play is developing around the restaurant and the kitchen, whereas further on in the time line content around other parts of the hotel will be developed. […]

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